After 30 years experience in the construction industry Director Bran Panter has completed a wide, varied range of projects including many commercial jobs, domestic refurbishments, extensions and new builds.

A common theme in the work we undertake is the love for our heritage.

Our clients love the character and history of their older buildings and don’t want to lose anything through refurbishments, modernisations or extensions. Or they are commissioning a new build and want to ensure that traditional craftsmanship and materials are combined with modern features.

Every project has its challenges to overcome such as interpreting exactly what the customer requires and finding the balance between meeting those requirements and creating something practical, affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

We welcome these challenges and deliver a result that delights our clients. Whether the building is old or new we take great satisfaction from delivering first class workmanship every time.

When you choose to work with Pringle Heritage Developments, you’ll be working with an exceptional development company with the depth of expertise you need to ensure your build exceeds your expectations. 

  • Developing creative ways to incorporate new features in older properties, including improving access, light and introducing innovative technologies without damaging a property’s character
  • Ensuring our clients are always aware of project progress and know what to expect from the next steps and are involved as much or as little as they want to be
  • Coordinating our high quality tradesmen to work efficiently and in harmony.
  • Handling the challenges that almost inevitably arise when working on an older property, involving clients fully in designing appropriate solutions
  • Designing build programmes around clients who are still living in the property through the project
  • Respecting and maintaining positive relationship with neighbours and the local community to complete projects with minimal disruption
  • Managing project timelines while there are so many variables involved in construction eg; weather, delivery lead times, design changes and unforeseen issues uncovered during the project.

Bran is passionate about older properties and is also a perfectionist who prioritises customer satisfaction above all. 


“I’m passionate about my job and find it highly rewarding to overcome the challenges heritage buildings present us with”

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