After over 2 long years with the local planning department and jumping through numerous hoops to satisfy the planners, this exciting project in Cambridgeshire is finally getting underway.  With a view like this, it’s easy to understand why our clients were so committed and were dedicated to see the project through and finally be in the enviable position of building their dream home.  However, getting Planning Permission granted for new build house in a conservation was not for the faint hearted!

During the course of the numerous failed planning applications, reasons for the knock backs ranged from passers by on the main road being able to see down the driveway to the end of the garden. To the neighbouring property being able to see the church spire (400m away) through our clients land and beyond the next 9 properties!   Our architect was on hand all the way, really understanding the wants and needs of our clients and successfully got Full Planning Permission for this stunning build over the line!

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