Roof Phase 1 Ready!

With the erection of the first lift scaffolding last week and the brickwork raising steadily, it’s imperative that we keep the site safe for all the team and so that the superstructure can continue upwards. Despite most of the team working on the ground floor with no temporary staircase in place yet, it’s essential we are always 2 steps ahead and ready to start the next phase so the build can continue!

Looking at many of the suitable options, in budget and most practicable for the build, we decided to install a safety deck. This is installed inside the shell of the building so that the construction of the internal walls can continue. This will enable us to prepare for the installation of the joists for the first and second floors.  Now that the brickies’ can continue safely, we’ll look forward to the next couple of weeks when the metal web joists (gold standard!) will be installed.

This week we also welcomed the delivery of the 1st phase of roof trusses expertly manufactured by Robinson Manufacturing . These were able to go straight on to the rear of the property where the open plan kitchen and family room will be and with a stunning light and airy vaulted ceiling. We find ourselves moving along quite quickly now, and when the major phases of the build complete from week to week, in enables us to plan for the next stage when some more detailed elements marry together, and the building really starts to look more like a family home.

Come back next week when we’ll tell you what happens when a customer changes their mind!

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