Design U-Turn! 

A customer led change of mind features this week when an intricate design detail (on the original plans) was completed on the build but left our clients feeling a little underwhelmed!

With the face brickwork now nearing the roof on phase 1 at the rear of the building, our brickie’s were able to complete the corbel band element of the brickwork detail this week.  A corbel is defined as a shelf or ledge formed by projecting successive courses of masonry out of the face wall. In line with the original plans, this detail was fully installed above the kitchen and our team of brick layers merrily moved on to the next part of the build.

However! One evening, during a walk though of the build when all trades had finished for the day, our customer’s came to us the following morning (rather sheepishly!) with some feedback to say that it looked…well…a little boring.

Together with our clients on site, we fully supported the customer led decision and changed the original design.  We painstakingly removed the course of brickwork which had already been completed and re- laid the brickwork to incorporate a dog tooth detail much more pleasing to the eye and what the building deserves.  In retrospect, the original design wasn’t pretty or detailed enough for such an impressive structure and the new design really enhances the stunning build.

Next week we’ll be looking at phase 1 completed, with joists, floors and temporary stairs in enabling the team to get to work upstairs.

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