Joists- Phase 1 Complete!

Welcome back if you’ve been following us for the past 10 weeks or so. It’s been a busy week on site and all the team have been working through the different sections of this impressive new build. We have completed the 1st phase joists & floors and are nearing 95% complete on the phase 2 roofing and brickwork.

With the floors down throughout phase 1 and the trusses and hand cut roof sections complete, all the PHD team and our sub-contractors have also completed the ground floor brickwork, completed the window openings.  Off site, we’ve asked our clients to start to finalise choices for bathrooms and kitchen fixtures and fittings, ready for the first fix electrics and plumbing.  With an established history in the construction trade and building great relationships with our clients over the years, we know that even after dreaming for years about building your dream home, sometimes important decisions can creep up on you! So, we endeavour to give as much time as possible for our clients make decisions about key elements of their project.

One decision which did not take long, was for the gold standard choice of floor joist for the project.  Our client opted for Metal web joists floor systems.  With open web design, they are the most versatile floor joist in the market and are widely used by housebuilders and commercial property developers across the UK.  Also known as Ecojoists® or Spacejoists, not only do they allow for the easy installation of services and mechanical heat recovery systems, they also offer the best acoustic performance comfortably outperforming all UK building regulations.  Metal web joists consist of parallel stress timber flanges joined with engineered V-shaped steel webs with nail-plated zones. The result is an easy to install floor and flat roof system, and with its open web design, enables fast fixing of plumbing and electrical infrastructure.

PHD are honoured to be working in partnership with Robinson Manufacturing Limited to deliver the high quality timber engineered Roof Trusses, Floor Joists and Timber Frames for all our current and future projects!


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