Roofing Perfection!

Completing the majority of the roof sections of the house over the last couple of weeks, our roofers are perfectionists with a meticulous eye for detail!  We have ensured that the ridgelines of this new structure would not impinge on the neighbouring listed properties. Therefore, the ridgelines gradually diminish in height across the site, dropping in scale as they develop towards the rear of the plot. Where possible, roofs have been hipped to minimise the impact upon the neighbouring homes and every detail has been devised following collaborative discussions with neighbours.

The design principles of this build from the offset, were that the new building would take its aesthetics and material detail from the immediate locality. The demolishment of the original dwelling and replacing it with a home more traditional in design, would result in a building visually sensitive to the area, yet providing an improved level of accommodation for the family. The new build dwelling is designed to reflect the notable character of its location.

Next week we’ll be revealing the impressive delivery and installation of the final phase roof installation which found the whole team on the edge of their seats for the entire process!

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