A Moveable Feast!

This week saw a feat of engineering, manufacturing, and expert craftsmen!  A complex project from the offset, the combination of a slate roof and a corbel brickwork design, as well as an unusual building layout, meant that the roof needed a set air gap above the brickwork and the last line of slate tiles had to kick out to accommodate the guttering.

To facilitate this build, three different types of trusses had to be designed and manufactured for the job, by sister company Robinson Manufacturing Ltd ; all with varying depths of rafter which would normally mean different eves heights.  To overcome this, the trusses had to be designed with special cuts to accommodate the design and hanging rafters to make sure the vent finished where it needed to.

As you will see from these images, where the roof doesn’t look like it fits, the rafter is supporting the truss to achieve the required finish above the corbelled detail. Gutters will be fixed to the top course of brickwork. Additional lengths of timber have been employed in the attic area to make sure internal boarding doesn’t flatten the required insulation.

The pre- planning and detail required at the production stage paid off for this complex project, and the roof went on perfectly.  We always knew the roof was going to be a challenge on this build, but our collaboration with RML produced excellent results!  All our craftsmen were a joy to watch in action as the trusses and rafters were craned and fixed into position. Inch perfect!


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