Perfect Piping!

All trades on site this week with the ceiling insulation being fitted throughout the build, and our plumbers and electricians making super progress with the 1st  fix enabling our team on site to work around them and prepare for the next phase.

Our heating engineer has rather a large job on his hands on this project!  With the brief from the client to install underfloor heating throughout, the client has also opted for a MVHR system (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery).  Heat Recovery Ventilation is the perfect solution to the ventilation needs of new energy efficient buildings, providing a constant supply of fresh filtered air throughout the building.

It works by extracting the air from polluted sources (kitchen, bathrooms, toilets and utility), the air is taken through a central heat exchange and the heat is recovered into the air supply into the living rooms, bedrooms and studies etc.  This subtle yet comfortable system is noticeable in the summer, whilst not being an air conditioning system, when the temperature outside is hotter than inside, the cool ‘fresh’ air will be pleasantly maintained inside the building. Likewise in the winter, the warm air is filtered and efficiently recovered back into the house.  Effectively it’s feeling of having fresh air flowing through the house all year round without opening the windows.  Importantly MVHR’s are energy saving and eco- friendly, and with ‘spiralling energy prices’ hitting the headlines most weeks, is something we are often asked to consider at the planning stage of a new build. 

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