Winter Challenges!

Experiencing the ups and downs of what it means to take on a major project is what we hoped to have shared with you in our New Build Diary.  We’ve had the highs of an extremely complex roof slotting into place, flying through our warranty and building regs inspections and even down to something as simple as crucial materials being delivered on time! 

We now have the lows, the period of time after the buzz of the festive break is over yet we are still the wrong side of mid-winter and all the difficult conditions and challenges of working in this climate brings.

From protecting the masonry because the guttering isn’t quite finished, to keeping the building watertight despite the window delivery not scheduled for another month or so yet, quite often our team needs to simply tend to a couple of weeks of housekeeping, both inside and outside the shell of the building ensuring that work can continue, and any perishable materials are protected. There seems to be chipboard or plasterboard everywhere, if the wind and rain picks up there will be more moisture about, so it’s a case of ordering the right quantities so that there is plenty of work to carry on with, but not over ordering either! 

Come back again next week for a more interesting look at what the garden designer has instore for us and our clients!

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