Scaffolding Be Gone!

Reaching a landmark over the last couple of weeks, the roof is finished, the scaffolding has been taken down and the house has been revealed!  Removing the scaffolding structure has not only revealed house, but importantly it also makes way for a new trade to start on site. Next job for this build is the guttering, and despite being exceptionally lucky with the weather this winter, it’s best to get the guttering installed as soon as possible to protect the brickwork from and deluges the earliest opportunity.

With some very long lengths running from the front to the back of the house with our client has opted for seamless guttering.  Seamless gutters are gutters made from a continuous piece of material. Unlike sectional gutters, which are assembled and attached in pieces, seamless gutters are installed as one solid piece. They will be delivered on a roll at the site and then shaped according to our instructions when installed.  No joints mean no leaks, also there are fewer spaces for debris to collect which means less clogging and they are easier to maintain than sectional gutters. Shaped perfectly to fit your building, seamless gutters also include a choice of colours and finishes which can be matched to gates for example, so the finer detail will certainly add to the kerb appeal of this house!

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