Escaping Eunice! 

As we are sure you’ll not be surprised to hear, building your dream home comes with lows as well as highs, and on week 25 of this build we were hit with storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin!

Luckily the superstructure is totally sound now and with no scaffolding on site and the guttering in place, we didn’t have too much to worry about in terms of things taking off in the gales!  Quite unbelievably our temporary window coverings held out in the 85mph wind, so we were lucky to escape with very little damage, or any remedial actions required on the build.  We did however have BT Openreach out at the beginning of this week, preparing their part of installing fibre to the property.  We were alerted that safety fencing around the hole in the pavement outside had completely disappeared.  Our project support assistant immediately contacted BT and the hole and associated works were made safe again within a couple of hours which was a huge relief! 

We are however, always on hand to support all our current and past clients, so we’ll certainly lose a day or two on this project as we’ll have to redeploy the PHD team to more pressing repairs.

Scurrying away in the shelter of the finished building our plasterers have worked their way to the attic rooms.  The ground floor is finished and dry enough to paint, so we have been able to get the mis coat on downstairs and we’ll work our way up to the attic level over the next couple of weeks.  The sudden appearance of white walls throughout has really lifted the whole ambience of the house, it’s light and airy and looking wonderful.

Big week coming up next as the 33 windows, 2 door sets, 2 French door sets and the bifold doors are arriving!

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