Window Week!

With the arrival of the windows last week, our main focus has been to get as many of these installed as possible and get the house fully secure. Starting with which whichever of the 33 windows was packed last (yes, that’s about as technical it gets with this many windows!) our team have been working their way through the house and popping them perfectly into place.  For a project as large as this, it’s no surprise there are a couple of snags to rectify, but with the excellent customer service by the manufacturers we welcomed their agent on site and within a couple of hours and a plan was made to remedy the snags.  We are so pleased with the windows, they look absolutely stunning against the creamy hues of the brickwork.  The Heritage feel of this new build is really starting to shine through now and from the roadside frontage, the house is truly in keeping with the neighbouring period houses along this road.

Elsewhere on site, we’ve been fitting the kitchen which was also delivered last week and taking up a lot of room!  Getting it installed has also been top of the list for us.  Not only for the simple reason that it is in the way of everything, but also we had the templating scheduled for the end of this week for the Corian and quartz worktops, so it was essential to make sure the kitchen was in situ.

Beavering away in the background we’ve had the plumbers here making a good impact with the amount of work involved in the 2nd fix of the underfloor heating and all that entails.

Next week we’ll be continuing with the internal fit out, come back and follow our progress!

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