Whopping Windows!

Week 28 has been another busy one! Fitting the remaining windows as well as the bifold doors and tremendous feature window to the rear of the house were our priority this week. Taking 5 burly workers to secure this extremely heavy piece of glazing into place, it wasn’t for the faint hearted and was followed promptly by mutual congratulations and pats on the back across our team as they took a breather (and a cuppa!) and stood back looking at their achievement of the morning!

Nevertheless, the installation went without a hitch and the team were able to continue with the installation of the bi-fold doors shortly afterwards.  Now the kitchen is really looking like the fabulous place it was designed to be with light flooding into what’s going to be a truly WOW focal point of this house.

As we’ve been working our way through the window installations, we’ve noticed a couple of chips and quite a large crack in the stone cills, so we’ve had to reach out to a surface technician to repair these as soon as possible.  We’ve had to hold off fitting these windows so the cills can be accessed easily and safely.  As soon as this is done, we know that the house will be fully secure.

We’ve also been busy with fitting further elements of the kitchen and now wait patiently for the Corian and Quartz work tops to be fitted.  Here we have been in collaboration with the super helpful team at Algarve Granite and Algarve Composites over in Northampton. Unrivalled quality and excellent customer service throughout the whole process, meant that a client led change of colour for the windowsills on the day of templating was a very smooth alteration to the original plans.  Be sure to keep following our blog in 2 or 3 weeks time when we’ll be showing the finished worktops being fitted into place.

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