Digging Up The Past!

The one when the archaeologists came to visit!  Before we made too many changes above ground, we needed to have peek under the ground and investigate a little deeper (groan) into the history of the land.  Whilst the PHD were busy stripping the bungalow back, Cotswold Archaeology and their team of experts got to work.  In preparation for the visit, our groundworkers were lined up to dig 2 large trenches, one at the back measuring 16m and a smaller trench at the front measuring 5m, all under the watchful eye of the archaeology specialists.   

Although this plot of land is in the enviable position being on the banks of the Great Ouse, this could have also presented some very unwanted hiccups at the start of this self-build journey.  Back in Roman times, this river would have been a crucial highway from the Roman town to The Wash, consequently a prime location for some project stopping artifacts.  It was a nail-biting couple of days and in jest our client informed us, that pending the results of the dig he could be contactable from the local pub!

It was good news and our fears were unwarranted, with the results of the dig yielding positive results. Pottery evidence within the Romano-British period weighing 2.64kg was uncovered, and despite the whole process being very interesting to watch, the findings were in fact unremarkable, and the build could continue!

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