2 Steps Forward…..

….And 1 step back on this Self-Build project!  Another frustrating week of waiting on site for other contractors to return and carry on with the final fixes. If you’ve embarked on your own Self-Build journey, you will be familiar with these periods of the build when there is nothing you can do but wait!

We’re waiting for the nod that the plumbers can return, however they are also waiting for the upgrade in the water connection to happen which is booked in for next week, so we have a chicken/egg situation there! It’s an essential time consuming part of the project which has been almost a year since we first made the application to Anglian Water, so we’ll be pleased to get this ticked off the list and the new supply coming into the building, fingers crossed for next Monday!

The electrics are fully on, but not everywhere so that frees up another task which can be started… except the Wifi!  

The incoming fibre upgrade company have been waiting for power which is now there, so as you’d expect with a self-build project as vast as this, our back office has been very busy to-ing and fro-ing making sure everyone has what they need are able to continue as soon as practicable possible!

A few steps forward in terms of the floor downstairs.  We’ve been levelling the floor in preparation for laying the stone tiles which will beautifully line the ground floor, hopefully we’ll have some images of the floor to show you next week, but if you can’t wait until then, head over to our Gallery page which is filled with examples of our previous self-build and home extension projects!


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