The Pressure is On!

Our client informed us this week, that they have given notice for their rental property, so we find ourselves with a handover deadline for this heritage new build project!

This is probably quite helpful despite the initial apprehension, as there is a fair amount of finishing off to do for this heritage new build home. It will certainly keep us on track over the coming weeks and will certainly keep the back office busy too!

First things first, it’s time to re visit the Structural Warranty schedule.  For this heritage new build project we opted for both our Building Control and the Structural Warranty to be provided by the same company.  This means that we conveniently had just the one building inspector for both elements, saving us both time on site visits and very importantly, keeping  the possibility of repetition/confusion to a minimum!  For the Building Regs we have ACS and for the Structural Warranty we are using Buildzone

This is quite a time-consuming process where our back office and very organised customer journey/project support agent, has been collating completion images such as the pre pouring of the concrete to form the raft foundation, images of the completed roof, the most recent construction drawings and certification for certain materials such as the roof slates. We’ve been scheduling important appointments for later dates such as air & sound test inspections, the EPC inspection and gently nudging our heating engineers and electricians and putting these inspection dates on their radar to be followed by their own commissioning certs.

Of course, as you’d expect from a trusted builder, we have great relationships with our contractors and suppliers so we don’t envisage any problems in obtaining any information for this heritage new build.

Elsewhere on site the team has made great progress with the flooring on the ground floor and we passed the pipework inspection by Anglian Water

And we’ve had the work top to the island fitted which we’ll share more news on this next week!


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