Niff Naff & Trivia

While the soft strip continues and visually things are starting to change, behind the scenes we have been making sure all our invisible ducks are in line for when things start to get a move on!

Amongst the many of the moving parts needed in organising this early stage of the build, we welcomed an expert inspection this week for our bat survey.  An early start (dawn!) on site for the ecologist to watch whilst we removed some roof tiles and bargeboards, then a few days later another visit to check there hadn’t been any bat activity.  As we were expecting, no evidence of bat activity was found and we were able to proceed with pulling the main structure of the bungalow down.  Meanwhile for the planners, we are collating information of all the materials and external finishes we’ll be using.  Our client chose from these creamy samples we sourced and ensured their preference was in keeping with the local conservation area.  Once our bricklayers have arrived on site, we’ll be sure to get a sample wall built and invite the planners to have a look.  Along with the choice of brick, we had to let the planners know the manufacturer and product specification for the windows, guttering, vents, roof tiles/slates, gravel and exterior slabs.  The list goes on!

To add another time consuming yet important task to the week, was to ensure our warranty provider for the build had all the information they needed for the insurance. Not all new builds require a 10 year structural warranty, however this client wanted to have the belt & braces insurance should they wish to sell the property at a later date. So in the office, our support team ensured all the paperwork and notices were in place to satisfy the requirements.

Come back next week when the site will be cleared and things start to look very different!


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