Full Steam Ahead!

With the bungalow now raised to the ground, the site has been fully cleared and our groundworkers have been busy setting out the new building on the plot.  Let’s just say this build was a challenge to get through planning so despite being in an enviable riverside location, the plot is narrow and long so every single MM matters!  Not only for the obvious reasons of placing the building in the correct location in accordance with the planning permission and ordinarily a few MM here and there wouldn’t make too much difference, but on this project the setting out has been precise so that every inch is optimised.

Having a clear site is the perfect opportunity to to plan ahead and get as many materials delivered to site as possible. Frustratingly we cannot take advantage of this fully until our client’s brick choice has been approved by the planners, as hitting the national news during this week of the project, was the global supply chain difficulties leading to a national brick shortage and spiralling prices.  Although not ideal, it has been another ball to juggle and we successfully reached out to our suppliers and got the orders placed.

Behind the scenes our project support team have been liaising with UKPN to cut off, move and upgrade the power supply ready for what will be a fully automated ‘WOW!’ house when it’s finished, so even 48 weeks ahead of time there is a lot of planning to be done!

Next week we’ll be revealing the steelwork for the raft foundations and the big pour!

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