The Big Pour!

Back in week 3 we talked about the archaeological dig not halting our build.  What we didn’t divulge, was a major change required to the original plan to the foundations of this build! From the off set, a piled foundation was the foundation of choice for our architect, taking into account the potential instability in the ground flanking the river and thus spreading the load of the superstructure. Although the archaeological dig find revealed…….not much, they did throw a slight spanner in the works by stipulating that we could not use traditional strip or trench fill foundations. We contacted our structural engineers for an urgent site investigation to produce a new design and calculations.  We reduced the grounds to the required depth, introduced a sub- base and compacted to the required level.  We introduced the damp proof membrane and carefully assembled the steelwork on site with reinforce matting and ring beam.  Finally placing shuttering to the perimeter and bracing up. Then for the first building control inspection, shortly followed by the pouring of nearly 150 tonnes of concrete!

We also held a site meeting with our clients to talk about the automation element of their new home.  Even though we are barely out of the ground, now’s the time to plan ahead with all the specialist contractors to ensure everyone understands the clients needs and vision for their finished dream home.  Tune in next week when we’ll be taking a look at the start of the superstructure!

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