The Superstructure Begins!

Finally above the ground, we welcomed the brick layers on site.  They’ll be completing the brickwork to the Damp Proof Course in preparation for the next Building Control inspection.  In anticipation of a visit from the planners we built a sample wall of the brick we’ll be using for the build, it’s a great way to visualise what the finished house will look like, even our client was delighted at how such a simple task can be so pleasing on the eye. 

Still no official sign off from the planners, we have no choice but to sit tight.  There is nothing we can do except annoy them daily!  As per many post- pandemic workflow challenges we are hearing about daily on the news, the council are waiting for internal feedback regarding the landscaping and the archaeology. 

Elsewhere, the rest of our team have been doing some on site admin and logistical planning and organising the site for optimum use for all contractors.  Bays created for storing sand deliveries and waterproof bunkers made for storing cement and perishables.  Everything installed on site for the duration of the build, can be de constructed and re installed conveniently on the next project so nothing will go to waste.

Come back next week when we’ll be looking at some tremendous bespoke Iron gates for this project!

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