Forging Ahead!

Whilst the superstructure is starting to take shape, now’s the perfect time to visualise the plot as a whole and what the new building will look like.  This is when you can really start to appreciate the vision our clients had when they first set eyes on the sublime location and the possibility of building their dream home here.  With very much a Georgian feel to the aesthetics and with many period features designed into the external fabrication of the building, one of the elements we looked at in closer detail this week were the gates for the property. 

Space on the driveway is tight to say the least, so we met on site with our electricians, automation experts and the very talented Stuart and team at Helion’s Forge  to walk through all the options.  To optimise a slight recess in one of the elevations flanking the driveway, our client opted for a hung gate.  This was an on- the- spot change of decision by our client, as knowing the space limitations we were faced with before the meeting, we’d all anticipated the only possible location for a gate was a boundary wall with a slide opening system. However, after we’d all paced the driveway a few times, we noticed that a recess running along the side of the new house, was in fact bigger than it appeared on the plans and was a more suitable location for a gate!  Onwards now for our client to send some design ideas for the iron work to match the Georgian feel of the new house.  Stuart kindly gave us a sneak peek at the gates in progress, don’t they look great!

Don’t forget to visit our Diary of a Build blog page in the new year when we’ll show off these beautiful gates when they are out of the workshop and are installed in the driveway!  

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