Internal Fit Out!

Week 29 on this impressive build has been another one of those weeks where nothing dramatic has changed visually, but a lot of planning has taken place for the weeks ahead, as you would expect with a heritage builder.

Our carpenters have been busy working their way through then internal fit out, fitting the architrave to the windows and lining the internal doorways.  All internal doors have also been ordered with one of our trusted suppliers – Direct2site.

Spotting a logistical window where we could bring a key install forward and ticking off a big job originally pencilled in the schedule further down the line, we were able to complete the 2nd fix of the CCTV.  This means that the house is now belts and braces in terms of site security!

Decoration wise, and after originally choosing the safe colour option of white throughout the build, it soon dawned on our client that perhaps (most certainly!) they would not fancy re painting anytime soon or in the next couple of years in fact!  So they have been busy choosing final colour schemes for their interiors which we’ll be aiming to start over the next couple of weeks.

We’ve been tying up some loose ends in terms of the 2nd fix of all areas, so we’ve been in constant contact with our electricians, the automation team and our heating engineers.

Elsewhere on the build we’ve been pressing our staircase manufacturers for a delivery date, as we’ll have to ensure we work this is carefully scheduled as you would expect from a reputable heritage builder. Ideally we’d like to avoid as much heavy thoroughfare on the final staircase as practically possible.  Likewise for the flooring, we need to save the pretty things to the end if we can!

And finally, our ground worker has also been back preparing the pipework for an inspection by the waterboard.  As soon as this gets the OK we’ll be able to go live with the heating system, just as we enter the warmer months.  Oh well, you can’t win them all!

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