New Build Journey – Week 38! 

Finally, on this lengthy new build journey, we have some colour and final decoration on site this week as the tiling gets underway in the family bathroom!

We’re also excitedly waiting the arrival of the top floor stairs this week. We’ve had pictures sent over of the manufacturing process over at timber engineering experts, David Smith in St Ives.  We think you’ll agree, they are going to look stunning once they are installed!  As soon as the new stairs arrive, we expect to banish all other trades from site (only for the time being!) as for obvious reasons, the main thoroughfares of the house will be temporarily cut off. And importantly we’ll need to get a protective, yet safe covering on the stairs until the house is almost finished.

Our plumbers have had the opportunity to get the immersion heater installed as well as making a start on the 2nd fix of two of the bathrooms, which is lucky because the ‘move in’ date is getting ever closer!  We must admit, after looking at an impressive selection of ‘4 walls’, it’s really rewarding to see these final customer choices settling into place.  Now that some bathroom progress has happened, we have made a super start on the tiling in the family bathroom.  Our customers have opted for a gorgeous green tile for the shower area and a classic shade of dark blue/grey for the bathroom furniture.  Linking these hues together we have a beautiful piece of marble forming the countertop and sink area. Matching the heritage feel of the whole build, our customers’ choice of a period style set of taps to finish the look off.

As we are so near to the end of this new build journey, we are finding we have an extra helper most days!  Keen to enjoy and be a part of this once in a lifetime experience, our customer and soon to be property owners have been popping in and out most days and have been lending a hand with a little job here and there, which of course we’ll never say no to! 

Elsewhere in the house, we have been boxing in and plastering some final features so there are a couple of new areas ready to mist coat.  But even tidying up the unfinished parts is making a huge difference, take a look below at the image showing the plastered fireplace area.  This sitting room is going to be very comfortable once it’s completed!


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