When we started the project with a couple of old barns ripe for conversion and plans for a further six custom built units, we knew what we wanted to achieve but had no idea how pleased we would be with the end result. 

Bran brought in his architect to help us with the planning process, and added so many ideas that enhanced our original vision. The Pringle Heritage team were always courteous and reliable, and the surprises were all good ones. 

We can’t recommend Bran and his team highly enough.


Manager, Luxury short term rentals


When the pub you love is a historic building and sits at the heart of a lovely old English village, then it is a thing to be treasured. Trusting anyone with the restorations needed before we moved back in last year was the biggest thing for us, and Bran and his team were amazing at every step. 

This means we are able to be back where we feel we belong, serving the people of our lovely village with a warm welcome and great food every time. 


Owner, Historic Cambridgeshire Pub


This gorgeous old farmhouse was ready for its next chapter when we bought it having been used as a base for an equine business for many years. Pringle Heritage Developments understood our wishes to restore it to its former glory and set about the process in a calm and orderly fashion. We always felt we knew where the development was at, and what the next stages were. Pricing was accurate and transparent – where the farmhouse threw in a few curve balls, Bran made us aware quickly, and involved us in decisions about what our options were and what they would cost.

The end result is a stunningly restored farmhouse and a brilliant family home, incorporating all the mod cons we were looking for and a few we hadn’t even thought of!


Owner, Cambridgeshire Farmhouse